side-img Dealers Choice has been offering paint and dent repair services to the Centerville and Dayton areas for nearly 20 years. By keeping repairs to a minimum, our specially trained technicians save you both time and money. The expensive labor-filled estimates that you receive from other body shops are designed to fix more than what's necessary. At Dealers Choice, we will save you money on labor, parts, and materials. That's my promise and you have my word on it!

About Tony Bartel

My name is Tony Bartel, and I am the founder and president of Dealers Choice. I graduated from Ohio State University and spent eight years working in medical sales before returning to my true passion: automobiles. I started the company in 1996 as a mobile service to area car dealers, repairing minor damage on their inventory. I opened our first retail location two years later, pioneering the services of minor body and paint damage, as well as paintless dent removal, to the public. Since that time, I have opened shops in Cincinnati, as well as two locations in southern California. This business has been in my blood for a very long time. I repaired and refinished my first car when I was 12 years old and spent my high school years painting cars in my parents' garage. During college, I worked for a body shop in Columbus doing restoration work and painting. My attention to detail and quality made it an ideal fit, and I could see the results of my work in each vehicle I repaired. Since that time, I have fed my passion to take something that was damaged and make it look new again. I love the gratification that I feel looking at the finished product every time since.Tony Bartel


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