Fast and easy solutions!

Check out our fast and easy bumper repair solutions. With almost every vehicle coming equipped with painted bumper covers, these tend to be the most vulnerable part of your vehicle. Back when we were servicing area dealerships, rather than replacing the bumper, Dealers Choice originated plastic bumper cover repair and refinishing. In this manner, we have the ability to repair cracks, gouges, scrapes, and dents with our tried-and-true reshaping and refinishing process. This is a very cost-effective method of restoring your vehicle back to its original condition using its original parts, or allowing you to avoid excessive charges before lease turn-in time.


  • Scraped through the finish
  • Pushed in or misshaped corners
  • Cracks and gouges
  • Multiple chips or "road rash"
  • Disconnected edges
  • Parking block damage

We strive to restore your vehicle to its like-new condition.