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Bumper Repair


Bumper Repair

Your car bumper is among the most prominent components of your car hood. It completes the front look of your vehicle and holds valuable elements like fog and driving lights. In a collision, the bumper will bear the most impact. This impact may necessitate minor bumper repair or complete bumper replacement during collision repair in the case of significant damage.

Also, dents, scratches, and chips may appear on your bumper during daily driving, especially when driving on roads with stone chips or while climbing or getting off inclined driveways. The dents, scratches, and chips leave your bumper unsightly and therefore demand immediate attention.

At Dealers Choice, we offer paint and auto body repair services at the most affordable price compared to other dealerships across the Centerville and Kettering areas. Our specially trained technicians minimize the number of repairs needed on your car by fixing what is necessary and, by doing so, keep charges low and save you money on the repairs. However, it is essential to know that the cost of repairs may vary based on the bumper damage.

Our Bumper and Auto Body Repair Process:

When you bring your vehicle to our shop for bumper repair, our technician will start by assessing the damaged bumper. We will consider the extent of scratches and dents and advise you on the best way to get the bumper back to its pre-accident condition. We will also think if getting a new bumper is more economical. We will then offer you a free estimate of the total cost for settlement or presentation to your insurance provider for claims.

Once we agree on the cost, we will proceed and commence repairing the damaged bumper or replacing it with a new one. At Dealers’ Choice, we are well equipped to handle the bumper repair for all the car models that come through our doors.

Our technicians have the necessary expertise in auto body repair, painting, and restoring your vehicle to its pristine condition after repair. We also have well-trained technicians who can repair a variety of bumpers, including those made from plastic. We also know that many modern bumpers are painted and look awful after an accident.

Looking for bumper repair services in the Dayton area?

In a collision, the bumper always suffers some extent of the damage. Therefore, you should take the initiative to have a professional technician fix and restore it to its initial state or replace it.

At Dealers Choice, we guarantee quality work at a lower price than other auto body repair shops in the country. We have well-trained technicians who will handle the repair process from start to finish while offering the best customer service to all our clients.

We make it our business to understand what each client wants and provide a needs-based approach while repairing the vehicles that come to our shop.

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