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Why Can’t I Do Paintless Dent Removal Myself?

Why Can’t I Do Paintless Dent Removal Myself?

Paintless dent removal (PDR) or paintless dent repair, is the process of removing minor dents from the body of a vehicle. These dents could be the result of a scratch, an accident, a hit, or something else. It is possible to remove dents while keeping the car’s paint intact, and this method can be used on aluminum and steel panels. When the paint surface is intact, paintless dent repair is an excellent option.

It is easy to think you can DIY your dent removal and get your car looking new, but as much as the ads for dent removal tools or kits keep telling you that you can do it by yourself at home, there is a reason why you should let the professionals get to work. We will be talking about this and much more in this article.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent removal is the process of determining and returning a vehicle to its original state without the need to sand and repaint it. Hammering the damaged area, filling putty in the gushed place, sanding, and repainting were all traditional repairs. The paintless dent repair process takes place while the car’s paint is still in good condition from the factory.

How To Do Paintless Dent Removal

Before we look at how paintless dent removal is done, there are a few things to consider. Paintless dent repair is common for damages like door dings, minor creases on the car’s body panels, large dents, and the car’s body. There are several factors to consider while choosing the PDR, and they include:

  • The flexibility of car paint.
  • Metal flexibility and thickness.
  • The impact on the car’s paint and body panels.
  • The shape the car acquires on impact.

Fix Dents

PDR can repair many dents except:

  • Dents near the edge – They don’t give the process enough room for repair
  • Sharp crease- A sharp crease cannot be repaired through PDR.
  • Old vehicles – Classic cars have stronger paint and metal, so PDR may not suit them. Their paint quality can’t withstand the strain of the repair techniques.
  • Paint damage – The concept of PDR is to repair without removing and repainting the car, so damaged paint may prove difficult to repair with PDR.
  • Deep dents – Extremely deep dents cannot be repaired using PDR because if the metal can be pushed back into place without needing to repaint, then PDR cannot work. However, deep dents are repairable to an acceptable level only. It is important to consider all these while choosing the PDR.

Paintless Dent Removal Process

PDR is a special autobody repair that uses special tools and techniques to reduce a car’s body dent till it disappears completely. It is a game of meticulous skills and patience, as some dents’ repairs, even on small dents, would require two hours of work.

Here is the process:

  • Assess the damage

Assess the particular dent to see if a paintless dent repair is possible. Look at the factors mentioned above to see if your dent is a candidate for paintless dent removal.

  • Preparation

Preparing the area comes with accessing the damage and the path to repair. One might be required to remove the interior of the car and the body parts, among other areas, to gain good access to the affected area. Use the proper tools to remove the panels on the car door. Once you have done that, the next step is to perform the repair.

  • Repair

This final stage requires special tools to work on different dent types. Look for a manual before applying pressure to a dent. Each tool is specific in how it is used; therefore, look for how to place and use each tool before you embark on the repair.

Paintless Dent Removal Cost

You may think your car doesn’t possess the qualities needed for PDR and are considering the traditional route; here are some reasons to consider PDR as your go-to dent repair method.

  • Cost-effective – PDR is affordable as it cuts down on several processes involved in traditional dent repair methods. It removes the use of materials like body filler, sand, paints, etc.
  • Less time-consuming – With the number of traditional steps involved in conventional processes, PDR cuts the time in half.
  • Vehicle value – PDR retains your vehicle value and translates it with the untampered body and paint of the car. Reselling is easier this way.
  • Cosmetic reasons – If your car was caught in a hail storm and got badly dented, PDR ensures no difference in matching color from the original to the repainted one, maintaining the car’s aesthetic.

With all these advantages, why is it necessary for you not to do a PDR at home by yourself? Even though many companies are advertising for paintless dent repair removal kits, getting yours taken care of by a professional is important because:

  • Doing PDR may cost you more money than taking the car to a professional. Without the knowledge, experience, and know-how, you may damage your vehicle further, leading to more repair costs.
  • To prevent the risk of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. You may lose the warranty by working on your vehicle when the manufacturer has offered a free repair.
  • Avoid more damage: As mentioned before, if the PDR is not handled properly, it can lead to mechanical and aesthetic injuries. Damaged door panels can make it hard to repair dents using PDR. To remove the dents, the auto body shop would need to remove the panel, remove the damaged areas, and repaint them, which takes more time and money.
  • To avoid additional costs on your insurance. If your insurance policy is deductible, you will incur some repair expenses to have your car repaired; the cheapest method to do so here is paintless dent removal. You can contact your insurance company with questions about your deductible.

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